Each year, our independent panel of international judges begin calling for applications in 3 stages beginning in March. After registering below, you will be contacted by the MBFWSL team with the brief for collections or the MBFWSL 2020 season. 



You will be given approximately 4 weeks to put together an initial collection proposal comprising of your brand information, mood board, fabric board, colour board and lineup of the collection you would like to propose. These proposals are submitted by email to MBFWSL following which the panel will review your collection for suitability, design, and innovation. In specific cases the panel may make recommendations and request applicants to reapply.


At the end of each stage, the semi-finalists of each stage will be tentatively notified of their advancement to the next round of selection. Following the end of Stage 3 in July, the panel will review all semi-finalist applications and short-list applicants who they feel meet the requirements and standards of MBFWSL. Short-listed applicants will then be notified of their confirmed advancement to the next round of selection and applications will be closed. 



In August, Short-listed applicants will be expected to sign a contract and pay a refundable deposit to MBFWSL to confirm their intended participation in the MBFWSL 2020 runways.


In August, shortlisted applicants will be asked to produce 1 full silhouette of their proposed collection for review by a member of the panel or a selected representative as well as their finalised lineups. Following these reviews, the panel will convene and make final selections on the applicants who will showcase in the MBFWSL 2020 runways. 



The finalised participants of the MBFWSL 2020 runways will be announced at the end of August. All collections showing in the MBFWSL will need to be completed and ready for fitting two weeks prior to the MBFWSL event.