Mercedes - Benz/DIMO


The significance of Sri Lanka's apparel industry is of no small measure for the nation as it is a make-or-break industry to the country. Responding to the evolution of consumers and tech, the Lankan apparel industry is about to undertake some major changes by innovating, reinventing and transforming it self. This change will further elevate the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry. A transformation so important needs the attention of the Fashion World; this is where Mercedes-Benz Fashion Runways Sri Lanka comes in. 

Mercedes-Benz is a household name across the globe and is known as an icon of style with products that personify its vision of leadership in innovation and design. As part of its international brand philosophy, Mercedes-Benz supports fashion innovation all over the world. This is what DIMO is bringing over to Sri Lanka with Sri Lanka Design Festival's input. With Mercedes-Benz's massive, international fashion grid, local fashion becomes part of a global network that brings about recognition and opportunities that were inaccessible before.