‘Innovation Island’ premiers in Sri Lanka as South Asia’s fresh creative dynamic and as a place where a powerful new ecosystem converging creativity, innovation and business, is in the making where the world can meet a new kind of maker – low tech or high tech industry. It is where a new conversation on putting design at the service of building a better tomorrows is being made. It is where South Asia’s new hub for design led innovation opens its doors to the world. This is ‘Innovation island’ Sri Lanka.

This October, MBFWSL will focus on showcasing Sri Lanka’s best and most unusual infrastructures for creating fashion and design geared towards sustainability and innovation, to a powerful international audience as mentioned above. MBFWSL will promote and showcase progressive work methods (such as graduate-industry collaborations, artisan-designer co-creations etc.), cross-disciplinary initiatives that connect fashion and design with art, heritage, technology, wellbeing and sustainability, and a selection of Sri Lanka’s low-tech and high-tech production facilities for both fashion and design.
Another important element of MBFW and its embodiment of ‘Innovation Island’ is creating platforms for thought-leadership in fashion and design, through forums, talks and workshops that share interesting knowledge, creative intel and research.

Each collection presented is one-of-a-kind and carries a true story from Sri Lanka, bringing in global recognition to designers and brands in the country. Taking up the reputation for contemporary season-less fashion.