Graduating from the Academy of Design in 2010 Raidha came back to Maldives with the hope of launching her own brand and creating a label that speaks to modern women in a way that no other designer has ever done before. Her youthful charm, her elegance, her eye for beauty has led her through the path of making woman beautiful. She dresses women to be confident and who never shies away from taking risks. And now after spending the last few years working on perfecting her craft and learning new techniques through the process, Raidha is back to amaze us with her creative approach to luxury ready to wear collections.

Her enthusiasm and her exuberated confidence are some of the strongest suits she has and she wears them extremely well. The passion she has for art and design and how she sees the world and takes inspiration from the earth to the air she breathes in manifests on the ramp.

Her belief in hard work has paved her the way to make her lifelong dream become a reality.

Raidha's atelier opened since January of 2015 to view her collections and place custom bespoke orders. Focusing on girls and women from the ages 15 and above, Raidha’s Atelier is fast running and open for business.

The brand was launched and Raidha's Maldives store was first opened in the capital city Male' Maldives in 15th November 2015  and started selling her collection via her online shopping portal.

The brand have expanded and started selling the designs in two stores of Sri Lanka by July 2016.

Bringing modernity and elegance into modern Maldivian women making them feel at ease while looking their absolute best, Raidha plans on staying for long and will stay for long.