Collection styles the contrast between modernity and vintage gaze and caters to a woman who appreciates a casual sophisticated life style with Alpha Femine Touch, exceptional intricate detail and interested in leisurely material and slender fits.

Delicate embroidery details add value of softness along with the feminine passion. Eclectic spirit, clean lines with more elaborate ethnic motifs and volumes almost serve the tailored outlook while emphasize the intimate masculinity in a feminine figure.

Modern shapes made out of simple squares, rectangles and triangles recap the essence of 19th century men s’ shirting, pleated pieces, reminiscent of vintage costume and stage dresses.

Though the easy breathing materials and feminine flair has transformed the modern gapes, the purity of the lines the simple silhouettes and the light volumes could not conceal the delightful detailing.

Three dimensional fabric braids, graced the trimmings of waist bands and neck lines while the fabric manipulations on attire bodice and round blobs dangling from the tussles, subtly reveal the care free stubbornness and determination of her nostalgic get away.

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